HP Laptop Computer Warranty Extension Delhi

HP Warranty extension for Laptop Computers

HP Offers Warantee Extension for its all model Laptop Computers. HP provide repair and maintenance Services during the extented Warrantee Period.

HP Warranty extension benefits
  • Repair within 7 working days for HP Pavilion or Compaq Presario PCs (desktops and notebooks): return to HP repair center, home pick-up and delivery.
  • HP strives to repair all products in under 7 working days from receipt of the product at the repair center.
  • Replacement within 7 working days for HP peripherals.
  • Delivery of a functionally equivalent or superior product in case of a replacement product.
What we Provide: 
We at EMM ARR Traders provide HP Warrantee Extension Pack to you and your business/company/organization at reasonable price on behalf of HP. Call us at +91-11-41572568 to buy a HP Warrantee Extension Pack of your Laptop Computers today or send your contact detail to get a free callback

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